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if salary>20000:
  ​print(“Good Salary”)
elif salary<20000
  ​ print(“Average Salary”)
  ​print(“Salary is 20000”)
lucky_number = {‘Amit’:4,’Rahul’:6,’Nihar’:8}
for name,number in lucky_number.items():
lucky_number = {‘Amit’:4,’Rahul’:6,’Nihar’:8}
for name in lucky_number.keys():
filename = 'abc.txt'
with open(filename) as file_object:
  ​lines = file_object.readlines()
for line in lines:
x = “What is your age?”
inp = input(x)
​inp = int(inp)
except ValueError:
  ​print(“Sorry, Please Try again latter”)
  ​print(“That’s a beautiful age “)

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Python Coding Interview Questions Answers