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A Business Analyst is a person who analyzes the working of an organization or domain and works on the quality of service provided by the same. He also assists in integrating and testing new solutions
A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. It involves comparing facts and figures, listening to managers and shareholders to provide effective solutions for problems and the negotiation of issues between departments.
Since business analysis is an evolving and multifaceted profession, hiring managers want to know that you are aware of the necessary skills for success. You probably have your own list, but make sure to highlight both technical and nontechnical attributes you can bring to the job.
The job description should provide clues as to what types of skills the employer is looking for on both fronts — especially technical requirements. Learning what you can about the company culture prior to the interview can also provide insight into interpersonal abilities that will likely be valued.
Your logical-thinking skills are being put to the test with this question. As you answer, highlight how you thoughtfully respond to changing situations.

One potential response is something along the lines of, “First, I prioritize the changes to requirements, the scope of changes and the impact analysis to the project. Next, I perform an impact analysis of the project cost, timeline, and resources. Finally, I evaluate whether the scope change is introducing new gaps to the technical or functional designs or development and testing.”
Good Business Analysts are

  • good communicators

  • problem-solvers,

  • critical thinkers.

  • They can create requirements specifications, analyze requirements, create visual models, facilitate elicitation sessions, and use the necessary business analyst tools. The ability to ask the right question to understand the problem inside out is also an important skill to be a good problem solver.

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